The Beams Department is responsible for:

  • Operation and optimization of the performance of the LHC.
  • Operational performance of the accelerators and storage rings forming the injector complex of the LHC, together with the operation of their experimental areas.
  • Continued development of the LHC injector chain to meet the needs of the LHC for both protons and ions.
  • Beam dynamics theory and simulation codes for the design and optimization of particle sources and accelerators.
  • The Beam instrumentation and electron cooling systems throughout the CERN accelerator complex.
  • Controls including beam synchronised timing for the Accelerators, their transfer lines and the Experimental Areas.
  • Safety and Access control systems for both the beam facilities and across the CERN sites.
  • Industrial control systems for experiments, technical infrastructure, protection systems and other equipment teams.
  • Radio frequency and beam feedback systems throughout the CERN accelerator complex.
  • Monitoring and first line intervention concerning the CERN general infrastructure.
  • Safety aspects associated with CERN's accelerator operations.

    Inter Departmental Projects and Other Responsibilities:
  • Design, development and construction for the Upgrade of the LHC (HL-LHC)
  • Design, development and construction for the Injector Complex Upgrade (LIU)
  • Completion of the installation and commissioning other major projects including AWAKE, ELENA, HIE-Isolde & Linac4
  • Design studies and R&D for future facilities including FCC, ILC and CLIC
  • Education, Training  & Teaching activities in International Schools