The Operations Group within the Beams Department (BE-OP) assures the smooth production and delivery of all particle beams at CERN through a team of professional operations staff on shift. During periods of machine operation the group manages the safety and access in the accelerator installations, as well as the surveillance and co-ordination of interventions on the CERN-wide technical infrastructure.

The Group is responsible for:

  • the operation, including hardware and beam commissioning, of all CERN accelerators and the primary beam lines towards their associated experimental areas.
  • the monitoring of the overall technical infrastructure at CERN, the operational machine configuration and the associated settings management, which includes the development of methods and dedicated tools required to operate the accelerator complex and technical infrastructure within supported development frameworks, to which members of the group contribute with their specification and development.
  • establishing and maintaining accelerator operation schedules, preparing operational procedures and providing beam statistics.

The Group is also involved in the preparation of, and participation in, machine studies and the development and maintenance of some accelerator related hardware.

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